About Us

Vanguard Leadership Group (VLG) is a leadership development academy and honor society for top students at the nation’s historically black colleges and universities. Our fellowship inspires its members to post-graduate achievement and, through its institutional focus on excellence, honor and high ideals, to a dynamic form of citizenship. The ultimate goal of VLG is the ascension of the individual, an individual who will in turn be compelled to elevate their respective community and the world.

VLG seeks to expand the paradigm and consequently enrich the lives of a new generation of African-American leaders. The wise know that to be myopic is to be on a path toward blindness. Therefore, we contend that education is a holistic experience that need not be confined to fundamental curricula, beliefs and practices.
In order to gain a leader’s perspective, aspirants must develop both an awareness of many subjects and proficiency within many disciplines.
Consciousness is enhanced through such synergy. Because this knowledge is increasingly actualized, the individual becomes qualified for the future stewardship of important social institutions in their region.

“Vanguard Leadership Group is a leadership development academy and honor society…”

Parallel models of leadership development have met with great success within the majority culture. VLG is the emerging, and similarly informed, contingent within Black America. A collective advancement.