Vanguard Leadership Group recruits a new class of high achieving students into our fellowship each year. Upon acceptance, new members embark on a course of intensive study of the organization’s core tenets of leadership. Mastering the pillars of VLG philosophy brings the aspirant to an enhanced potentiality for influence we call “Dynamic Citizenship.” This is a state of consciousness. It allows members to at last attain the vital understanding of social, religious, political and economic principles that can uplift their communities in potent and purposeful ways. One cannot be an effective change agent while absent pertinent insights into social dynamics and an actionable skill set. Over the course of a student’s matriculation, VLG provides the next generation with those tools . . . and so much more.

At the conclusion of each fall semester, students will integrate the lessons they have learned into an impactful community organizing project in their region. In an effort which garnered international attention, VLG members successfully lobbied elected officials in Atlanta, Georgia to divest the city’s holdings in companies doing business in the energy sectors of Iran and Sudan. Another victorious campaign soon followed in DeKalb County, an affluent Atlanta suburb. Our fellowship identified the regimes in Iran and Sudan as a threat to peace and stability in the world. We therefore acted on our convictions in order to make a difference.
These name only a few! Vanguard Leadership Group’s motivated young men and women have traveled to Thirty-four countries across the world.

During the summer, VLG provides opportunities for students to travel and gain empirical knowledge related to the historical, business, foreign policy and political components of the Academy’s curriculum. VLG members have traveled to the following locations on educational missions:

  • The Pyramids at Giza
  • The Knesset in Israel
  • Agricultural settlements in South Africa, Brazil and Ecuador
  • The Hague in Switzerland
  • The New York Stock Exchange
  • The Royal Palace in Jordan
  • The United Nations in New York
  • The Louvre in Paris
  • The Vatican in Vatican City
  • The Holy City in Jerusalem