Nine Pillars

Our primary focus is to develop higher competencies and greater awareness in the following areas:

  • Black Historical Achievement

    A positive self-concept is born from a true accounting of ancestral accomplishments. At the conclusion of these studies, top VLG students will travel to Africa.

  • The Science of Business

    The disparate elements of business theory are re-integrated in order to effectively educate successful entrepreneurs. A component of this tract is travel to the New York Stock Exchange for select members.

  • Comparative Religion

    An analysis of the tenets of the major religions tends to enhance understanding and end intolerance. Visiting synagogues, mosques and churches in a chapter’s region is an element of this course.

  • Political Science and Effective political Advocacy

    Knowledge of how to skillfully advance a public affairs agenda within our democracy is taught. At the conclusion of these studies, top VLG students VLG students travel to Washington, DC, and lobby their elected officials on important issues.

  • Foreign Policy Studies

    Awareness of the dynamics which underscore relations between foreign countries are studied. At this point in their matriculation, students have traveled to Europe and Israel in order to make first-hand appraisals of the situations there.

  • Community Organizing and Development

    Members learn strategies to build group consensus on issues and marshal human resources on campaigns within their communities. Armed with this knowledge, students will coordinate and execute a service project in their region.

  • Personal and Business Etiquette

    Exposure to the customs and rules of decorum in higher business and social circles is of infinite value. Experts on the subject are invited to share their knowledge with students.

  • Character Building for Individuals and Families

    The African-American family is in crisis. Members learn ways to prepare themselves for the uplift and preservation of this valued institution.

  • Keys to Self-Actualization

    Strategies to effectively navigate the hierarchy of needs and fulfill one’s higher purpose are shared with committed members.